Husqvarna 875 Quilt machine no more tension issues

Hi Wei
I keep meaning to send you an email to tell you how great my sewing machine is working. Not sure what you replaced, or what you “super glued” but it’s sewing beautifully, and no tension issues! It took me a week before I’d even plug it in as I was so afraid it wouldn’t work, but I was sure hoping it would, and it’s so much easier sewing on it than the little Brother I’d bought. I’ve already made a whole quilt and a few small things, so I’m very happy.
Thank you again for all your help. Sure hope it stays like this.


Janome 6260 service

Hi there Wei Hin…..
I can’t thank you enough!
My Janome is running like a new machine……
It’s a pleasure to sew!!
I will NEVER take my machine to anyone else but you.
I’ve been telling all my “quilting friends” about you
and telling them all what a great job you did for me

Husqvarna Lily 545 “very Happy camper”

I was extremely unhappy with “the other repair shop” who had my machine for three months while they had “people working on getting parts”. A quilting friend highly recommended I give you a call and I was absolutely delighted to hear that you actually HAD the required part. I retrieved my machine and after bringing it to you, was thrilled to have it repaired and back in my hands in less than two weeks.
My Lily is like brand new other than when I was doing free motion quilting the thread kept breaking. I changed the top thread, bobbin thread, needles, settings, and nothing helped. I was very frustrated. I sat down yesterday and was going to redo everything again when it occurred to me that I hadn’t changed the free motion foot…..I put on a different one and voilà, I sewed all day with it yesterday and never once did the thread break!! So I am a very happy camper.

Thank you so much for your expert repair. Once again it is a pleasure to sit down at the sewing machine.
I hope you get to enjoy the sunshine.