Recently serviced elsewhere Bernina 440 “You are the best!”

Hi Wei!!

My machine is working awesome again. You are the best!!

I have spread the word amongst our sewing group. Our last session is this Wednesday and the instructor Wendy has a few machines she wants to bring you. There is also a lady named Shirley and Betty that want to bring there machines to you also. And I’m sure word will go out from there.

Hope you have a great summer.

Debbie (Bernina 440)

Bernina 1031 Testimonial

I just would like to comment on the great service from Wei @ Euro Tech Sewing Machine Repair.

My much loved Bernina stopped working suddenly, a Bernina Mechanic said the part to fix it was no longer available and I could use it as a door stop! I was crushed !
I found Wei on the internet and described the problem. He said he could fix it! I was extatic !
I would gladly recommend Wei as a great mechanic.
Thank you Wei,
Laura N

Pfaff 2056 presser foot not staying up.

Hello Wei Hin

My sewing machine is now purring away working just wonderfully.  Thanks for fixing the presser foot, it now stays up!  No special manoeuvring is required.  It is a pleasure to use my Pfaff sewing machine after a good servicing.
Thanks.  Next time I won’t wait two years:)!


A happy Pfaff 6270 owner

Many thanks, Wei Hin, for the repair, check and tune-up. My machine performed beautifully last night on my first foray since picking it up.  Very much appreciated.

Thank you for your service over the many years.

You’ve been maintaining my machine since your days at Albee’s in Westview Mall, Wei Hin



Servicing a Janome 7000 & Singer Feather weight 221K

Wei Hin.  

I wanted to thank you for your professional superb servicing of my Janome Memory Craft 7000 and my old Singer feather weight.  In the past I have not had my machines serviced because I knew no one who I could trust.  I love my machines!  Thank goodness my drive belt broke and I was forced to go to you.  Otherwise I would never have found a man with the experience and talent to service my machines – you!  

Being a professional seamstress I normally use industrial machines but my domestic machines do so many things you just can’t do on an industrial.  I depend on my domestics for these functions and each one you have touched work better than when I bought them.  That says a lot.


PFAFF 1209 Service

Hi Wei,

I had a chance to sew with my Pfaff 1209 that you repaired recently and I just wanted to thank you again for doing such a wonderful job on the machine. It runs like new and sews so smoothly… just as it did 35 years ago!! I already referred someone to you and will definitely refer anyone who needs their machine serviced in the future.


Kenmore 158.1212180

  I used my sewing machine this morning and omigod, it is working fantastically well! The movement of the needle through the fabric was perfect, the sound so low that I’m sure it didn’t disturb the downstairs neighbour and just the general operation was so smooth and fluid that it made me realize how long it has been since that was the case. Obviously, my machine was in need of attention years ago although it was so gradual that I didn’t notice. It feels like a new machine again and I am so happy.

Thank you so much for bringing it back to life :-