Elna Air Electronic SU not zig zaging.

Thank you so much! If the photo I saw is evidence of what my machine is able to do again I can say right now how happy I am. I’m so glad I found you.
I really appreciate your detailed notes on what you did to service my machine. I should have had this done a long time ago and not wait until the zig zag wasn’t functioning. It all works so well again. Now that I’ve found you I won’t wait so long until the next service. I love my machine. I bought it in around 1980 from Northwest Sewing Centre, a shop in Kitsilano. I believe the owner retired to North Vancouver and that’s who I used to have service my machine. I’m so glad to have another Elna expert again.


Recently serviced elsewhere Bernina 440 “You are the best!”

Hi Wei!!

My machine is working awesome again. You are the best!!

I have spread the word amongst our sewing group. Our last session is this Wednesday and the instructor Wendy has a few machines she wants to bring you. There is also a lady named Shirley and Betty that want to bring there machines to you also. And I’m sure word will go out from there.

Hope you have a great summer.

Debbie (Bernina 440)

Bernina 1031 Testimonial

I just would like to comment on the great service from Wei @ Euro Tech Sewing Machine Repair.

My much loved Bernina stopped working suddenly, a Bernina Mechanic said the part to fix it was no longer available and I could use it as a door stop! I was crushed !
I found Wei on the internet and described the problem. He said he could fix it! I was extatic !
I would gladly recommend Wei as a great mechanic.
Thank you Wei,
Laura N

“What a find!”

What a find! I was looking for someone to service my Bernina 830. I contacted Wei Hin Ng at Euro Tech after I read a couple of messages on his website.
My sewing machine is like brand new now, not only that, Wei Hin wrote down everything that he checked on my machine. My machine has not sounded or sewed like it does now
in many years. Wei Hin told me that he would call in 2 weeks and exactly 2 weeks I received a message from him. My machine was ready for pick up the following morning.
Wei Hin is a great sewing machine technician. He has years of experience and it certainly shows in his expertise and his honesty. I have a one year warranty.
A very happy seamstress.